How to persist to do something we always want to do.

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The first—Use Python for Data Analysis.#

  • When the first time I heard Python was that moment,which I was learning a course of Basic principles of computer. Exactly it’s the teacher of the course that told us how powerful Python is. Also he recommended us to learn and us it as soon as quickly.
    To be honest, I didn’t know how to coding and what I should to learn and acknowledge at that moment.
    Because of the recommendation of my teacher, I have a memory of Python. When I came back to the dormitory, firstly I searched the key word Python by using search engine. And I found it’s somewhat interesting.

Not quickly#

  • As it is concerned to us, Python is becoming a very hot code language, especially at that moment.
  • But I learn it not quickly.
  • As time goes by, I have a more clear gold and try some ways to find some favorite thing to me.
  • When I learn Data Analysis by Python, firstly I realize that how vital Mathematics is.
  • Somehow it’s more vital to programming concept. I read an eassy of Wangyin Math and code. Right I think.


  • TO Do.
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