Keep calm and carry on.

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I have a dream!#

This is not the first time when I was confused.

The too big confusion#

How can I balance the time between studying major knowledge and my truly beloved thing?

The first thing that I just want to learn as soon as possible is Data analyst using python. I also acknowledge that skills are the key to win anything that I want to have including helping my beloved people.

whether I need to continue to do a study or just make a plan that I should learn a practical skill to earn a job.

Living for today is the only right thing in my current period, which is somehow boring and confusing. However, there is no other good choice that I was having knew.

keep calm and carry on!#

  1. 1. I have a dream!#
  2. 2. The too big confusion#
    1. 2.1. keep calm and carry on!#